Syncable - License music from artists & top composers for your online video

About Syncable

What is Syncable?

Syncable is a platform filled with the best high-quality music from international artists and top composers, created by artists for video editors. Understanding the difficulties video producers encounter every day, the Syncable platform provides the solution to the time-consuming process of finding and acquiring the rights connected to music tracks. It also solves the issue of unfair profit distribution to rightsholders, in the sense of its fairness towards quality and labor. Syncable brings a game-changer, as it guarantees the rightful distribution to all stakeholders. This enables us to acquire and offer you the best music, bringing innovation and uniting two creative worlds.

For whom is Syncable?

Syncable is meant for video editors searching high-quality music on an easy and accessible platform. For everyone looking for that one perfect track for your video. Purchase one all-encompassing license and enjoy unlimited access to our extensive music library. Enabling you to filter, browse and find that perfect sync for your online video.

The Syncable team consists of artists, video editors and a bunch of technicians, working day and night to create and enhance a perfectly functioning and innovative music platform for you guys, our subscribers.

For Artists: My Music on Syncable

We believe that when artists succeed, we all succeed. That’s why we pay our artists well for the incredible and inspiring work they do. Today the film and music industries are closer than they have ever been. By simplifying the way the two are brought together and streamlining the overall creative process as it works in today’s world, Syncable is providing opportunities to both musicians and filmmakers that takes their work farther. Contact us for all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my Syncable license?
With your Syncable license, you are authorized unrestricted access to our complete music library. Which you can use to find the right music suitable to your online video, and usable to every online media platform.
What is the time-span of the music used in my videos during my license?
During your license, you can choose any music track from our music library. When published, the music used in your online video will be treated as a lifetime license, and will therefore never expire.
Is there a maximum to the number of views of my online video?
The subscription plan allows the usage of our music for online videos until the amount of 250.000 views per video per platform. The subscription plan for online videos with views over 250.000 will be made available at a later point in time.
What if your video exceeds the maximum number of views?
Don’t worry, we will never remove the licensed music from your video without proper reasons.

We are tolerant in the sense that exceeding the limit of views can occur by accident.

However, in case of structural abuse you risk your account being blocked. Or if your previous videos have been watched way beyond the maximum view limit.

Who is covered within my license?
Initially, the person that subscribes is the right holder. Some specifications:
  • - Syncable music is licensed worldwide, so your videos possible reach is infinite.
  • - A client for whom you are producing a video is included in the license as long as the music is only used in the video you produced. So yes, your license covers the videos you produce for clients.
  • - Employees/business partners are covered within the license if the license was purchased by the business entity as a whole. Private projects outside the company are not covered, therefore Syncable music can only be used in videos produced for and within your business.
What is covered within my license?
  • - Syncable music is licensed worldwide, so your videos possible reach is infinite.
  • - Our music can be used for any kind of project, as long as there is no violation of the defined terms of ‘proper use’.
Are royalty’s accounted for within the purchased license?
Yes, Syncable music can be used royalty-free in your online videos.
What is meant by ‘proper use’?
Syncable does not support videos that display or incite any form of violence, pornography, obscenity or racism. This also includes videos which embody elements of discrimination based on gender, religion, race, sexual orientation and preferences. As well as any form of endorsement compromising personal security, invasion, privacy or other offensive content. Therefore we interpret the proper use of our music as being within a common sense of legality, decency, and appropriateness.
We assume a ‘reasonable use’ of our music, what is meant by ‘reasonable use’?
Reasonable use entails a set of guidelines which include terms to prevent abuse, theft or any other illegitimate use of our music. And terms to ensure the perfect usage and accessibility of our music for our subscribers. In order to manage these terms, we ask you to confirm that you are not a robot after downloading over 10 songs per day. (Robots are not within our customer base ;) If you want to download even more in one day and you reach the 20 songs per day, we kindly ask you to continue downloading for your production the next calendar day.